Diversification push mode

NOTICE: The message displayed in the user notification bar.
Transparent transmission message: message to the application, the discretion of the application.
Rich Media: Push pictures, video, audio, and other forms of rich media web site information.

Server multi-point distribution

Safety, we will not be ignored.
Speed​​, we have been pursuing.
WeCloud servers throughout China, Hong Kong, the United States and Europe.
For your application to provide the safest, most expeditious push service.

Smart Labels

Divided according to user smart label combination WeCloud offer.
The most appropriate content.
Pushed to the appropriate user.

Real-time push effect feedback

User statistics charts: to help you observe the trends.
Users real-time online statistics: to help you choose the most appropriate time to push.
Push Performance statistics: to help you adjust the push strategy to enhance the push effect.