Intelligent grouping, precise push

How to guess the user's mind? WeCloud Message help you to different users according to different characteristics of clustering, without pre-set any label, easily push the most appropriate content for users of different grouping. Abandon blind push the push content to the most appropriate for the user.

Save power flow more effort

Smart Reconnect, limit heartbeat packet, the same equipment and more APP share a long connection, you can think of optimization, are all here. WeCloud Message, specifically optimized for mobile devices, so that the message push faster, lower power consumption devices, connecting more stable.

Real-time statistics, quick response

The number of users online real-time statistics, user network distributed real-time statistics, push the results in real-time statistics. Push rapid feedback effects, easy observation of active user sessions, timely adjustment of the best push time. To help you create a better user experience, competition in the market one step faster.

Security and stability, eyesight

Whenever and wherever there is a network to be served, our servers around the world. Push program supports pass-through and various encryption schemes, a unique data encryption to protect the transmission of information security, for every push escort.